Good corsetry is a blessing!

If by “blessing” you really mean “way to look teh hawt for teh menz even if you aren’t a supermodel” then perhaps this crackpot is correct.

Of course, I’m more of this persuasion myself.

On a different note, here is an interesting look at recent outbreaks of sexual terrorism on the internet:

I don’t like it that radical voices, however unpopular, are being expelled from the human conversation by online thugs. I like it even less that it’s happening with hardly any notice, and without comment by more mainstream writers.

And here’s some more fun:

If we’re willing to honestly examine our long held fear of powerful women–and the false notion that we lose some of our power as women gain more of theirs–there’s much for men to learn from the day.

Oh, if only that were true dear.  In truth, we do require men to give up some power – a lot of it in fact.  See, it’s perfectly fair to lose that which you have acquired unjustly and through the suffering of others.

~ by theunrelentingrevolutionaryoptimist on August 25, 2007.

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